If ‘One Mic Stand’ Didn’t Make You Laugh, These Memes Will

Recently, the already overpopulated Indian stand up scene witnessed a flurry of new entrants with Amazon Prime’s new original show One Mic Stand. Created by Sapan Verma, One Mic Stand has made stand up comedians out of the most unlikeliest celebrities like Indian politician Dr Shashi Tharoor, Bollywood actors Taapsee Pannu and Richa Chadha, musician Vishal Dadlani, and YouTube star Bhuvan Bam. And even though the thought of that is exciting, there’s no guarantee that all five will manage to make you laugh.

So in case you’ve already watched the show and didn’t quite enjoy it, we’ve got you covered with memes that’ll make the One Mic Stand experience a little better. And for those who haven’t watched it yet, it’s always good to know what you’re getting into, right?

It’s a competitive world out there and Taapsee knows it.

Where’s the lie?

There’s only one way to get through the nightmare of family gatherings.

Everytime your favourite cousin fails to show up.

Bhuvan Bam really got us there, huh...

Also every embarrassing moment of your life at 3 am.

This is a call out meme for everyone who claims to love Urdu poetry but in fact has never even read a single Urdu word in their life. You know who you are.

Even Shah Rukh Khan can’t top this. 

Who wants to bet that Shashi Tharoor has actually been the dad calling up his children in the middle of the day for this?

If this happens again,  gonna yeet myself to Cuba.

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Introverts volunteering as a tribute be like...

In my defence, there was Pani Puri.

Richa Chadha knows what’s up.

And I am completely capable of ruining my own life.

We didn’t say it. Rohan Joshi did.

Channelling your inner Drogon.

We apologise for getting too real, but it had to be done.

10 rupay ke samose, Ab Sab Raam Bharose

Need someone to constantly praise my sense of humour just like Kajol did to Ashfaq Miyan in K3G.

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