One Year of Janta Curfew, and Reality Check: Markets Remain Crowded As People Violate Covid Norms

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On March 22, 2020, a 14-hour janta curfew was imposed to contain the virus and it's followed by an unprecedented lockdown announced at 8 PM on March 24 for 21 days. As the country stands witness to one year of the unparalleled impositions, team CNN News 18, did a reality check from one of the most crowded markets of Delhi, Sarojini Nagar Market.

From panic buying to casual shopping, the contrast was inevitably visible. Covid appropriate measures were hardly paid a heed to and social distancing norms were openly flouted. Masks were put on, only to avoid hefty challans and fines.

According to Omdutt Sharma, market president, Sarojini Nagar, “We’re trying to make the market safe for people. Regular announcements continue and posters have been put up to aware people. Delhi police and NDMC officials also keep a strict check on those entering and shopping without masks. But it is disappointing to see how casual people have become of late." “The customers don’t seem to understand, how serious it is. We have to continuously ask them to wear masks. It’s risky for us too. It’s important to realise that losing one person affects 25 others. A year ago, we were all so scared and look at us now! Playing with the lives of others too,” said Janak Dev, a shopkeeper.

Covid cases across the country are on a rise given the laxity and open violation of Covid appropriate protocols. More than 800 cases were recorded in Delhi today.