One held in Thiruvananthapuram with 110 kg ganja

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala), June 27 (ANI): Thiruvananthapuram Police has arrested one person with 110-kilogram ganja worth around Rs 50-60 lakhs. According to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Vaibhav Saxena, the drugs were being transported from Andhra Pradesh to Thiruvananthapuram via Tamil Nadu. "We had already been putting a lot of effort in the last few months to trace the location of the drug peddlers, including interstate gangs that operating. We had collected a lot of information and based on that, we received a tip that ganja is being transported from Andhra Pradesh, to Tamil Nadu and further to Thiruvananthapuram city for distribution as wholesale to the retailers. So, we immediately intercepted and seized 110 kgs ganja and caught one accused," Saxena told ANI. The worth of recovered ganja would be around Rs 50-60 lakhs, he added. Within three months, the police have seized about 350 kgs ganja and commercial quantities of synthetic drugs, the DCP informed.

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