How 'One Culture' is molding a coworking ecosystem into a cultural workspace

Abhilash Shukla

The high-end coworking space offers flexible options to suit every business model

The concept of coworking has revamped the traditional norms of doing business. Coworking spaces have been providing entrepreneurs, infrastructure facilities helping them grow through cutting down on unnecessary costs and time and investing that money in making the company more productive and profitable.

‘One Culture’ is an upcoming coworking office which is people focused, business-driven while making wellness possible for employees through world-class hospitality and technology.

People First: The people-centric culture

Making people the focal point, ‘One Culture’ shall assist businesses to excel in a collaborative framework.

Employees are at the core of every organization. In a people-centric environment, employees can develop empathy and a natural ability to see beyond team boundaries, transcending people-to-people network.

‘One Culture’ believes that more the organization creates an authentic and open company culture, the more it can leverage the energy and innovation to improve daily communications and build better prospects.

‘One Culture’ promises an engagement-driven atmosphere where employees can connect through fun and refreshing activities, making the workplace dynamic.

Business Growth: Fueling creativity

One Culture's collaborative environment is directed to boost creativity while promising productivity for large organizations, startups, or independent workers. Moving the development, research, marketing, design, or other teams from a more bureaucratic corporate environment to One Culture can breathe new life into these creative minds.

Simultaneously, collaborating with other coworkers from outside the corporate team can spark new ideas. Employees often find the change of environment energizing. Whether they're making a permanent move or seeking an alternative space for meetings, events, employees can make a better output with a holistic approach.

Wellness: For happy work-life balance

All work and no play can result in a burnt-out businessperson and an exhausting employee. Oneculture helps balance career ambition with personal fulfillment, using modern tools and services to keep everyone happy, in and out of the office. Taking care of your daily dietary intakes to extending health services like gym or yoga centers, napping points, and meditation spots, Oneculture presents a 360-degree panorama of the employee wellness.

Since technology is the enabler for many businesses, the use of state-of-the-art technology at One Culture will make work more efficient while automating workflows.

World-Class Hospitality

One Culture-shared workspace aims for a diverse array of companies and individuals as members. It is offering a number of facilities such as comfortable space for everyone with motivating and happening ambience with high-end furnishings and amenities as 24/7 access, house-keeping services, custom coffees and teas, honor bars and cafes, high-tech security, private offices, workout facilities, social events, internet, storage spaces, conference & meeting rooms, private cabins, printing & stationery, gaming areas, etc.

Members can make use of a concierge service through an app that allows them to book meeting rooms, manage invoices, and network.

One Culture claims to offer members the most personalized service possible, where the design and work ethos caters towards the individual, whether for an established company or a startup helping them to scale up as an established entity.

"By 2025, around 42 percent of the population in India will work in urban cities, and hence, the demand for shared office space will increase manifold. With economics playing on the mind of many new businesses, the need for shared office space is escalating in the next decade. At One Culture, we believe that the key pillars of growth are innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Our workspace is designed to both inspire you every morning and to foster a sense of community, bringing together young talent, creative thinkers, startups, SMEs and large corporates. With regular fun-engaging and inspiring sessions from renowned personalities including change-makers, novelists, stand-up comedians, influencers, music bands, motivational speakers, a One-Culture membership is not just about coming to work, it's about expanding your horizons and fulfilling your business and personal potential" says Abhilash Shukla, Founder, One Culture.

[The author is the Founder of One Culture. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect that of Business Television India (BTVI)]