Once they Fought Together for Telangana, Now KCR and Kondandaram to Become Political Opponents

The KCR government has reportedly proposed amendments to Section 506 and 507 of the IPC, paving way for those accused of using 'harsh words' against a person or institution to be arrested without court permission.

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and social activist Professor M Kodandaram who once fought together during the Telangana statehood movement, would soon become political rivals with the latter’s entry into the political sphere.

What could be the biggest political twist in Telangana politics, the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi may soon have a new political opponent in Telangana Joint Action Committee ahead of the 2019 assembly elections.

Speaking to News18, TJAC Chairman M Kodandaram confirmed his entry into politics.

“Major changes are taking place across India and social movements are turning towards politics. One of the reasons being that dialogue with the government has increasingly become difficult and they have become intolerant. The question is what could one do when there is no link between the civil society and the ruling government," Kodandaram asked.

"People are looking for a political space so that they can articulate their concerns and we are no exception. We also want the politics in Telangana to change and civil society groups must also play a political role in it," Kodandram added.

Ever since the new state was formed, Telangana Joint Action Committee has been raising issues concerning the public, and has targeted the ruling TRS government over unemployment, farmer distress and other issues. But the civil rights group have alleged that the TRS government is trying to suppress every dissenting voice and protest against the ruling government.

“There is a lot of pressure within the TJAC to form a political party. The Telangana struggle was not merely to achieve geographical entity, but it was struggle for fundamental changes in social life for every individual. There is an atmosphere where the government is intolerant and indifferent to social movement due to its autocratic behaviour,” Kodandaram said.

“From closing down the dharna chowk in Hyderabad to denying permission for public meetings or discussions in the districts, the TRS government has left absolutely no scope of democratic activity. There is a strong resentment in the public and they want us to take up new roles and fight for change in the political culture where everyone can benefit and not just one family,” he added.

As a united opposition, the civil rights group TJAC, along with opposition parties like Congress, BJP and Left had taken on the ruling TRS on various issues in the past.

Interestingly, with TJAC taking the political plunge, formation of a possible "united front" is also not being ruled out in the 2019 elections.