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New York City, NY​- Omni Futures LLC was recently established and is building a suite of cryptocurrency services during the course of Fiscal Year 2021. In particular, Omni Futures is leveraging prior market expertise in this new endeavor.

Omni Futures’ portfolio of financial services includes cryptocurrency escrow services which essentially function the same for both bitcoin-based transactions and traditional currency. Serving as a trusted third-party agent, we hold funds in a protected wallet based on pre-set arrangements. Upon formal notification that conditions of delivery or service are complete, Omni Futures will release funds to the supplier’s designated account.

We complete escrow services in most all forms of cryptocurrency and require both a service fee and exchange rate adjustment for highly volatile currencies.

Omni Futures assists clients in establishing either independent array configurations or joint mining pools for cryptocurrency miners who combine their computational resources over wide-area-networks. The successful efforts of miners assigned to complete confirmation processing of blocks of bitcoin or other cryptocurrency are tracked and tokenized to provide appropriate rewards for their technical contributions.

We offer superior guidance and technical oversight to new and experienced miners by offering an assortment of free and subscription-based software tools optimized to improve the mining contributions of individuals and designated mining pools.

Blockchain software development is one of the more transformative technical applications that can be modified and adopted into a broad range of deployments. The decentralized, open-source structure of its file system provides the framework for cryptocurrency exchanges, financial platforms, and mobile applications that transparently execute digital and traditional financial transactions.

The software development projects sponsored by Omni Futures are designed using the common blockchain requirements of data replication, transactional validation, consensus algorithm comparison, and standard public-key cryptography.

The functional mechanics of processing cryptocurrency transactions through vouchers containing QR codes provide simplicity while promoting an ease of use factor for adopting cryptocurrencies for everyday use. Preserving the integrity and anonymity of these control mechanisms require acceptable levels of authentication, evaluation, processing, and encryption to accurately perform these selected tasks.

The talented network of Omni Futures technical developers have expanded the functionality of mobile applications containing advanced transactional features for easily managing the contents of cryptocurrency wallets.

Cryptocurrency exchanges have dramatically lowered the barrier to processing and accepting secure payments on the internet. International commerce can now be completed in a peer-to-peer manner, where digital exchanges provide a dedicated forum containing accurate information on a variety of cryptocurrencies while permitting the exchange of valuable assets in a quick and secure manner.

Omni Futures solutions will provide you with options for exchanging fiat currency for cryptocurrency while providing extensive information on the assets available for purchase, and adaptive analytics to determine value and risk projections.

The exponential growth of the cryptocurrencies have brought both regulatory clarity and investment opportunities to a new asset class that present increased projections for profits. Growth and acceptance of these digital assets into financial markets provide options for digital asset investment with appropriate allocations positioned to potentially high-reward, early stage tech investment.

To create a balanced financial portfolio of cryptocurrency investment vehicles that offer a calculated and acceptable rate of return, contact one of our Omni Futures financial experts to perform a complete needs analysis of your investment goals.

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