Omari Hardwick Went to Jail to Prepare for His Role on 'Power'

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Omari Hardwick, the actor in the Starz series, Power, recently spent time behind bars to prepare for his character, Ghost’s, incarceration. Hardwick visited Live with Kelly and Ryan and told host Kelly Ripa and guest-host Jerry O’Connell that he spent a lot of time in jails and even spend a few nights locked up. He added that Starz didn’t know about his stay.

Though he said he had a producer and a warden looking out for him, the stay wasn’t exactly nice. Hardwick said that he could hear people screaming at night.

Jerry O’Connell had one burning question about being in the slammer, “How was the food in prison?”

Hardwick instantly replied, “So not good.”

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