Om Prakash Bhatt and Dhananjay Singh Masoom’s musical web series titled “Gulzar Kahan Se Laoge?” Released on Gaonwala Conceptz studiioz’s Youtube channel

Alena Rinwi
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The idea of this soulful musical series is conceived and created by Dhananjay Singh Masoom along with Sanjay R Pande who is the idea executor and creative director of ‘’Gulzar Kahan Se Laoge”.

The series is made under the banner of Gaonwala Conceptz studioz.

It has been beautifully directed and shot by Bithin Das. Singer Deepti Mishra has sung the songs and narrated the episodes with music by Ripul Sharma and Ved Mishra. The series is Co-produced by Nand Kumar and it stars Samit Shetty and Pragati Mishra.

‘’Gulzar Kahan Se Laoge?’’ is the love story of various characters who are striving to find their paradise through the emotion called ‘Love’. It is an episodic musical series consisting of 5 episodes.

The series gracefully narrates a story showcasing the journey of characters dealing with their emotions of love, regret and the bittersweet feelings in different ways.

First episode of the romantic musical series named ‘Tujhe Chhoone Ki Hai Zaroorat Kya’ was released yesterday.

In this series, the story moves on with each episode and each one has a melodious song.

There are 50 plus episodes conceptualised and created by the makers, out of which 5 episodes will be released in the first season and later are to be followed in sequel in upcoming seasons.

The series arrays various emotions experienced during love such as joy, happiness, betrayal, anger.

It shall leave the viewers stunned with a lingering thought – If love is a religion, why does it kill its followers

The upcoming episodes of the series will be released every Wednesday starting from January 27, 2021.