'Daddy just won $70 million': Ontario dad takes home massive Lotto Max win

Elisabetta Bianchini
·2-min read

Fourth time’s the charm for Adrian Olmstead from Blenheim, Ont., who burst into tears after he discovered he was a $70 million Lotto Max winner.

Olmstead checked four tickets at his local grocery store; the first two were losers, the third was a free play, but the fourth ticket was a massive winner — even though he initially thought he only won $700,000.

“As soon as I got outside, as soon as I hit the sidewalk, I started crying,” Olmstead said in an interview with OLG. “Walked right to my truck, started balling, and then I called my mom.”

“Your mind starts spinning and spinning in 30 different directions at once.”

Once Olmstead got home and took half an hour to collect himself, he walked up and told his daughter the news.

“Daddy just won $70 million,” he told her. “She stood there silently for a second with her jaw down...and just ran and gave me a big hug.”

$70 million Lotto Max winner, Adrian Olmstead from Blenheim, Ont. (OLG)
$70 million Lotto Max winner, Adrian Olmstead from Blenheim, Ont. (OLG)

Although the lottery winner is still coming to terms with the fact that he is lucky enough to receive this life-changing prize, he family is his main priority and the first thing he wants to do is buy property for himself and his kids, and his mom.

“Lots of room to play, it’s got to be a very outdoors-y kind of atmosphere,” Olmstead explained. “Make sure my kids are taken care in such a way that their kids will be taken care of.”

But he does have a few ideas for things he can buy to have a bit of fun with his winnings, including buying a “fast car,” a fishing boat and an RV to travel around Canada with his family.

“Other than that, investments,” Olmstead said.

Lotto Max draws are twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Each $5 play includes three sets of seven numbers ranging from one to fifty. Players must match all seven numbers, in any one set, to win the jackpot or the Maxmillion prizes.