Older Adults and Coronavirus Pandemic: Adopt a Lonely Grandparent During Self-Isolation! Here's How You Can Comfort the Senior Citizens in Self-Quarantine

Team Latestly

The coronavirus pandemic has made people resort to self-quarantine and become socially distant, confined to their houses for good. However, while you and I can kill our time watching Netflix, talking to our friends and trying out the fancy Instagram challenges, Older people who are in quarantine or self-isolation are having a hard time. Coronavirus(COVID-19) is being said to hit worst to the senior citizens and the people with the compromised immune system. It is them, who need care the most. It is important that they get a company during this time especially when there is fear floating around. However, you can now "adopt a grandparent" during self-isolation and comfort them. Care home, CHD Living in Surrey,  has launched an "Adopt a Grandparent" campaign. What Is It Like to Live with Coronavirus? Ohio Couple Shares a Word of Caution About the Prevention of COVID-19. 

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The idea is to tackle loneliness during the coronavirus pandemic, especially faced by older adults. The care home is now launching the program to make people use their time to do something rewarding, digitally. For those who do not know, anyone who is over the age of 70 has to strictly follow the social distancing rules which have left them lonely without being able to see their family and friends. Since they are avoiding any kind of social interaction, this new way of keeping them company can actually come in handy. Coronavirus Prevention: What to Consider if You Have Kids and Grandparents Living at Home Amidst COVID-19 Scare!

The care home will be pairing young people with their elderly residents to "bring a sense of comfort to young people and the elderly who may not have grandparents/grandchildren of their own, with the aim to create invaluable, lifelong friendships". How is this going to be executed, you ask? They are going to use the digital method to keep them company and comfort the elderly. The volunteers can video call the resident they've been paired and comfort them.

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"The nature of care means that we’re looking after some of the most vulnerable members of society at the moment. It’s a worrying time and we’re taking the threat of coronavirus incredibly seriously, putting stringent processes and protocols in place to protect our residents as much as possible." said Shaleeza Hasham, head of communications and commissioning at CHD Living to the Mirror.

"We are however keen to keep spirits in the homes high and so have been thinking of ways that we can continue to enrich the lives of our residents whilst providing them with stimulation and companionship. It made sense at this time to digitise the Adopt a Grandparent campaign and to recruit further volunteers who might like to help keep our residents company over the coming weeks. It will be a wonderful distraction for everyone involved, she further said. The scheme already has 36 new sign-ups. However, they are looking for more volunteers.