Old Wine, Old Bottle Too: Tweeple Troll Facebook’s ‘Stories’

You might now spot ‘’stories’’on potatoes too!

What happens when the same old story is recounted to you by four different people? It falls a bit flat, right? Also, what happens if all four narrate the same story in a similar manner? You’d be pretty exasperated.

Well, Mark Zuckerberg might disagree, given how three of the social media platforms he is behind now have the ‘’Stories’’ feature where one can archive photos or videos in the form of a story for 24 hours. Facebook recently rolled out the feature for its app users, thus adding to the list of social media platforms that already have the feature.

Twitter users couldn’t help but mock the glaring omnipresence of ‘’stories’’ on almost all the major social media platforms.

Take a look at the meme-ing that took place!

‘Insta Stories Now Have Stories’

‘Books Will Have Stories Too’

Why Leave Out Potatoes And Humans?