Old Video of UP Cops Hitting Pregnant Woman Shared Without Context


A 30-second video which shows a woman wailing in pain is being circulated widely on social media with a claim that the pregnant woman was hit by Uttar Pradesh police in her stomach.

The caption in Hindi reads, “बहुत ही निंदनीय और शर्मनाक ईको गार्डेन में दे रहे धरना प्रदर्शन में प्रेग्नेंट महिला अभ्यार्थी के पेट पर योगी सरकार की पुलिस ने मारी लाठी? [Translation: Extremely reprehensible and shameful. UP Police hit a pregnant woman in her stomach with a stick while they were protesting at Eco Garden.]

In the current context with protests happening across the country, the caption fails to mention when this incident happened.

The video is being shared by multiple users on Twitter.

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And it has also found its way on Facebook.


The video is being shared without any context, which makes it appear like the incident happened recently amid the ongoing protests. But in reality, the video is from September 2018 in Lucknow where BEd and TET (Teacher Eligibility Test) candidates, who had cleared the exam in 2011, were protesting because they hadn’t received their appointment yet.

On conducting a reverse search on one of the keyframes of the video, we came across a video uploaded on YouTube in September, 2018. According to this video, the woman who was protesting at Lucknow’s Eco Garden was hit by a cop.

We ran a keyword search on Google and came across an article on TheLallantop.com on the incident. As per this report, these protesters were protesting outside Eco Garden in Lucknow. On 5 September they moved towards the Gandhi statue situated near Hazratganj. The police stopped them on their way, following which violence ensued.

Clearly, an old video is being passed off as a recent incident without any context.

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