Oilers captain McDavid has no timetable for return

Connor McDavid, 22, spoke about his recovery from a posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injury on Monday.

Connor McDavid has his sights set on joining the Edmonton Oilers at training camp, but the captain is not putting a strict timetable on his rehabilitation.

Oilers centerman and three-time NHL All-Star McDavid suffered a serious left knee injury in April.

The 22-year-old Canadian suffered a posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injury after sliding into the post of the Calgary Flames' net.

McDavid was asked about his recovery and he spoke briefly about it at the annual BioSteel camp on Monday.

"[I'm] progressing well, making progress every day… no [setbacks]. It's been different, just focusing on that; it's taken a lot of time, but it's been good," McDavid said.

"I got back on the ice a couple of months ago … we're just working hard to get to camp and we'll focus on that … obviously [BioSteel] is a camp that I enjoy, but I already worked out this morning and skated up at Gary [Roberts' Athletic Training Program], I'm just doing my own thing, I just need to focus on that right now.

"I'm just focusing on my rehab and the injury itself; it's tough to focus on anything else. It's coming back together.

"Ultimately I don't want to come back too early and make sure that it's fully healed and you're not going to get hurt again. But I'm not too worried about that."

Oilers general manager Ken Holland said in mid-June no surgery would be required, and the team expect McDavid will be ready for training camp in September. 

McDavid – the number one pick in the 2015 NHL Draft, has 372 points (128 goals, 244 assists) in 287 games.

He finished the 2019 season second in the NHL with 116 points (41 goals, 75 assists).

McDavid, a league MVP candidate, was expected to play for Canada at the 2019 IIHF World Championships next month, but he will continue to recover instead.