Take Off movie review: Viewers laud Parvathy, Kunchacko Boban, Fahadh Faasil-starrer

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Much-awaited Malayalam movie Take Off, starring Parvathy, Kunchacko Boban, Fahadh Faasil, and Asif Ali in the main roles, finally hit theatres across India on Friday, March 24. The Mahesh Narayanan directorial is based on the real-life stories of Indian nurses who were held hostage by the ISIS militants in Tikrit, Iraq, in the year 2014.

Check this throwback timeline to know what exactly happened to Indian nurses in Iraq in 2014

How a group of Indian nurses get trapped and escape from Saddam Hussein's battle-ravaged hometown forms the storyline of Take Off. Apart from narrating the real-life incidents on the backdrop of civil war in Iraq, Take Off is also expected to have a strong storyline on the character Sameera (played by Parvathy), a nurse who leaves home hoping for a better life in the Middle Eastern country.

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The day is here!! "Take Off" is not simply another release for me. It's walking ahead with Rajesh, keeping alive his vision for Malayalam cinema. I shall be forever grateful for being made a part of this journey. Thank you for the support and encouragement! See you at the cinemas!

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Scripted by Mahesh and PV Shajikumar, Take Off is the production venture of Anto Joseph and Shebin Backer in association with Rajesh Pillai Films. 

Check the response of the netizens on Take Off movie:

Vivek Ranjit

Mahesh Narayanan has been like a mentor to me and many of us. Have heard him narrate many stories and ideas which he wanted to direct, for several years now. But I'm glad Take Off is the subject and film which he chose to make his directorial debut with. A stellar film which excels in all departments, portrays a magnificent & gritty real story with utmost perfection and international standards, staying within the constraints of Malayalam Cinema. Parvathy is the life and soul of this movie. Playing the central character Sameera, she makes us travel along with her on this devastating journey, giving us a first hand experience of her travails, pain & struggle. Hats off to her. Kunchacko Boban plays a strong backbone and the driving force behind Sameera, and we can see one of his finest performances in this film. He is the emotional anchor of the film and delivers a moving performance. Asif Ali appears in just a few scenes, but gives a very sensitive, matured performance. Was really happy to see a completely different Asif in this movie, and his decision to take up that cameo role deserves a special applause. And of course, Fahadh Faasil is phenomenal from the second he appears on screen, till the last frame. Have been missing him on screen since Maheshinte Prathikaram, and he has made the wait truly worth it. A moving screenplay by Maheshettan and P V Shaji Kumar with some brilliant dialogues and not a single faulty note. Skilfully edited by Maheshettan and Abhilash Balachandran, nice songs by Shaan Rahman and Gopi Sunder, who has also composed the evocative background score for the movie. Sanu John Varughese has shot the movie gloriously, in a truly international level, along with art director Santhosh Raman, taking us to completely new landscape and never disconnecting us from the emotional journey of the characters. From the visuals, it is difficult to believe that this is a Malayalam film we are watching. Prakash Belawadi, the little kid Eric, Prem Prakash Sir, Alencier, Rony David Raj, Anjali Nair, all the other nurses and the entire cast have performed brilliantly. Raja Krishnan's sound mixing, Vishnu Govind & Sree Sankar's sound design - amazing again!!
The film had me with moist eyes at many instances and with goosebumps at many others. We can be proud that such a film was made in our industry. Don't miss it at any cost!

Thank you Anto Joseph, Shebin Backer, Mekha Chechi and the entire cast & crew for making this happen. Rajeshettan must be feeling really proud from up there! This is the best tribute which can be given to that man who lived for cinema! Salutes Mahesh Narayanan for Take Off! People, go watch the very next show! We shouldn't let this film down. Rajeshettan would be feeling very proud, up there!

Alexander Prasanth


Ajmal Esmail‏ 

#TakeOff completely belongs to #Parvathy, Aka #Sameera she were Fab! Signature performance by Kunchacko Boban, Asif Ali, Fahadh Faasil etc. Fantastic Dop, special mention the back ground score, it perfectly sinks with the horrifying atmosphere of Mosul Technically slick.


Since it is a real life incident, it's an awesome movie in my opinion. parvathi, fahad chackochan really awesome performance. BGM Gopi sundar hats off man


Don't go thinking a comedy entertainer. This is a film based on a Real Incident. It has a Life. Slow Thriller. You should have to watch atleast once.


Its not a just movie. its much more. its life. so i will give 100/100. Fahadh, parvathy, kunchacko boban shows their best. no words. manish narayan got an excellent starting


A well made movie in malayalam after a long time. Had the same feeling as leaving the theatre after watching Traffic. Fitting tribute to Rajesh Pillai.


#Takeoff really fly's high. Great performance by #fahad and #parvathy. Good to see a Hollywood making style in Malayalam.

Red Carpet Spectacle‏

#TakeOff - The change in Malayalam cinema's backdrop with rich look is very much appreciable. Dir delivered a quality product. Fantastic performance from lead characters. Realistic approach in every frame. Top notch technical department. Editor turned director Mahesh Narayanan need applause for taking up this project. Very good tribute to Late Rajesh Pillai. 3.25/5


Hatts off to those who faced the situation in real life. once again parvathy proves her acting ability.. Chackochan, Fahad and all others did well.. Great job Team TAKE OFF


it's really supb...movie based on a true story.all about the incident happened to Indian nurses in iraq.supb direction.chakkochan,parvathy do their best.amazing performance from fahad..supb movie.


A must watch film for every indians.. the final output shows the real team work. Kunchako boban, Parvathy, Fahad well performance guys..thats enough for the review..


one of the golden movie of the year 2017.we are very proud to get a very good movie. excellent direction,excellent script,execellent acting,excellent camera works.must watch movie.my rating is 4.5/5.


super hit film its a nice movie with excellent direction and script. paravathi superr acting she has a good future . its an real story takes without any boar . every one watch this movie with your family and friends


excellent movie everyone must watch this movie and support Good movies..all performances are Good ..Kuchko, Fahadh All done a Good job..Remembering Rajesh pillia this time


Indian Argo . Edge of the seat thriller. though first half was family oriented some may feel a bit drag . but if u are really into the film the first half wont feel any difference. but the second half is really a thriller stuff. movies like this should be made often. this movie takes malayalam movie into new standards.


First of all I need to say that the movie was awesome no words to say. good direction enjoyable thriller.the dream of Rajesh Pillai is going to be true all the actors did a great job and Parvathy Nair a well executed movie hands of to the whole workers second half is fullfil with lot of suspense and action such a killer movie


excellent movie..well written N good direction as well..people must watch the movie..kunjachako, parvathy, asif asli done good job..most of the characters are done well


#takeoff is a brilliant movie. Hats off to the entire team #Parvathy , you are lady super star Great job once again


#TakeOff - Interval....Slow but watchable....Hoping fr a gripping 2nd half ! Very good acting by Parvathi. Fahad not yet introduced. Impressed with the film...Cheers for the making & quality within the limited budget. a wow factor is missing still good perfo


#TakeOff not upto my expectations, Still it's Good.Superb Casting & Excellent Individual performances.


Takeoff is a decent flick with some good moments and terrific performances especially from the leading lady Parvathy. With an ambitious plot there was space 4 some seat edge moments but that is limited to few Technically top notch & rich in prod values. Overall its a decent watchFamilies will love this #TakeOff

nithin sudarsanan‏

Take off Must watch movie #takeoff

Malayalam Review‏

Ok Script & Good Making
Go With Less Expectation
No Way Near To My Expectation
Still a Decent One & Extraordinary Performance From The Lead Casts

Tight competition at the box office?

Asif Ali's comedy entertainer Honey Bee 2 Celebrations has locked horns with Take Off. However, the movie, which is the sequel of the commercial hit Honey Bee, has opened to negative response from the audience and critics alike, giving an advantage to the realistic thriller to perform well on the opening day. Check Honey Bee 2 review by audience

Hype around Take Off

Expectations are sky high from Take Off, and almost all the celebrities of the Mollywood industry have been promoting it by sharing its promising trailer via their social media pages.

Watch the trailers of Take Off here:


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