Odisha Students Develop Bubble Helmets, Jackets to Help Corona Warriors Keep Covid-19 at Bay

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In the spirit of fighting against the Covid-19 virus amid a rise in the second wave of cases in India, a team of engineering students has come up with a novel solution. The students have come up with the concept of ‘bubble’ helmets and jackets to keep Covid-19 at bay. The bubble helmets and jackets are used to prevent respiratory distress and infections. They can be easily be worn as PPE kits by Covid warrior to protect oneself from the virus and are found across medical stores at affordable prices.

Resembling a plastic bag or hat, the bubble helmets and jackets can be used as medical aid and are often dubbed as a low-cost replacement for ventilators. Used mainly for treating persons with respiratory illnesses, the bubble helmet fully covers a persons’ head, face and has enough space within it to allow a person to constantly keep breathing into it. The spacious helmet has a fan fitted it that allows users, especially those suffering from respiratory diseases to breathe inside it while keeping cool.

Designed by eleven students of engineering from institutions like the Indian Institute of Information and Technology, CET and ITR, the bubble helmet can be a boon to help Indians deal with the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic, which has already killed millions. The idea behind creating the product was to help out medical health professionals and other frontline workers who are required to treat or deal with Covid-19 patients at close quarters. They often have to wear suffocating PPE kits that cause much pain and constriction. The bubble helmets are more spacious, allowing the wearer to breathe freely while wearing the helmet, BTech Student Koustuv Mohanty, one of the students of the 11-member team, said.

Sai Sambit Nayak, BTech student, IIIT, Bhubaneswar, said that the use of face masks or face shields inside the bubble helmets was not necessary as a shield was pre-installed in the kit already. The innovative invention is sure to give a boost to preventing Covid-19 from spreading and can be of special importance in protecting the lives of frontline workers like medical professionals, police officers, sanitation workers and others.

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