Odisha Artist Creates World's Smallest Idol of Lord Rama, Asks Devotees to Pray at Home

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To mark the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, an artist from Odisha has created what he is calling the world’s smallest statue of Lord Ram. Artist Satyanarayana Maharana, who hails from Odisha’s Ganjam district, has created this statue measuring only 4.1 centimeters in height. Satyanarayana said it took him just an hour to finish making the idol.

Maharana is known to create such small and unique shaped idols of gods and goddesses and thus on the occasion of Ram Navami, he decided to do something similar. Speaking to news agency ANI, Maharana said it took him only an hour to create the idol.

Standing tall at 4.1 centimeters, the artist’ creation was praised by Twitter users. Mahrana also had a message to the public through his miniature idol. He said that people should not venture out to worship Lord Ram and instead do it at their homes.

This is not the first time Maharana has made a small idol. Earlier too, on the occasion of Shivratri, he created idols made of wood and stone of Lord Shiva and also shivlings to mark the auspicious day of veneration.

Wishing everyone a happy Ram Navami, Maharana said, “I wish you all a happy Ram Navami. Stay at home and avoid corona. Worship at home. Don’t get out of the houses”.

Ram Navami is celebrated on the ninth and last day of Chaitra Navratri. The celebration takes place predominantly in northern states during the month of April (Chaitra). This year, the Ram Navami will be observed on April 21 and will begin at 12:43 am on Wednesday and will conclude at 12:35 am on April 22. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Rama was born as the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Chaitra Navratri is devoted to Mother Goddess Durga, which starts on the first day of the Hindu New year as per the Lunar calendar and ends with Rama Navami.

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