Oculus Quest headsets will now support Facebook Messenger

American technology giant Facebook-owned VR company, Oculus has announced that in its latest developer update, Facebook Messenger will now start rolling out to Quest headsets this week. According to Mashable, with this new update, users will be able to chat by manually typing in VR, using voice-to-text, or inserting generic auto-filled statements into the conversation. Messenger on Quest will not segregate users based on their device. In other words, non-VR users can chat with VR users to their hearts' content. If multiple VR users happen to chat with each other, they can create an Oculus party from within Messenger to group up in whatever multiplayer game they feel like playing together. It should also go without saying that users need to log into their Facebook accounts on the Quest headset to use Messenger. This was pre-required on a Quest 2 anyway, but now Quest 1 owners also need to keep that in mind.