Obsessed fan tracked down and attacked Japanese pop star using reflections in her eyes in her own selfies

Sato analysed reflections in his victims eyes to work out where she was (Picture: Getty)

An obsessed fan stalked and attacked a Japanese pop star after using the reflection in her eyes in her own selfies to track her down.

The 26-year-old man reportedly analysed scenery reflected in the star’s eyes in her pictures to work out which train station she commuted from then triangulated the landmarks using Google Street View to track down his victim.

The man, named in reports as Hibiki Sato, told police he then used details in the videos she took at home to work out which building she lived in.

The obsessed fan said he tracked down his idol using her own selfies and Google Street View (Picture: Getty)

Sato, who was arrested on Tuesday, allegedly attacked the woman as she entered her building on September 1.

He fled but was identified via security camera footage and has now been arrested and faces a charge of forcible indecency.


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An investigator in the case reportedly warned people of the dangers of divulging personal information via social media.

He told Japanese daily newspaper Sankei Shimbun: "People should be fully aware that posting pictures and video on social media runs the risk of divulging personal data.”

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