Obama and Putin Battle It Out On This Unique Chess Board

The unique chess board featuring Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin is crafted in gold, silver and 102 diamonds. 

A jeweller from Krasnoyarsk, Ruslan Timoschuk, has created a unique chessboard featuring former US President Barack Obama and current Russian President Vladimir Putin as the opposing kings.

The chess set, which is made of gold, silver and 102 diamonds, uses various political, national and historic figures and structures to form the two sides. The white queen represents Russia, while the black queen represents the Statue of Liberty and the pawns have been crafted into the Brandenburg Gate and the Kremlin Wall, among other iconic buildings and persons.

The jeweller explained that the idea was sparked three years ago when the Maidan movement began in Ukraine. He decided to express his views on geopolitics past and present in the form of a chessboard, pitting Putin and Obama against one another.

All the chess pieces are handmade, and the whole set is thought to be the most expensive in Russia and is priced at around $350,000 which is approximately Rs 2 crore.

(With inputs from Ruptly)

Video Editor: Sandeep Suman

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