OBA’s L5 e-auto: Embracing the environment this Earth Day

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April 22nd, 2021: Om Balajee Automobile India Pvt. Ltd. (OBA) is a renowned name in the e-vehicle manufacturing industry based in Uttar Pradesh. The company has created a landmark by launching the best e-vehicles to create a revolutionary change in the automobile industry. This Earth day, OBA is all set to launch their e-auto Model L5 in the market to combat the rising carbon footprint. This launch is based on an innovative concept that incorporates COG technology, smart-drive features, OBA telematics software, and other latest technology in the electric vehicles industry. As the EV market is expected to reach a 63 lakh unit mark per annum by 2027 and OBA contributes to this by manufacturing and supplying L5 e-auto across the nation. The company is committed to developing environmentally-friendly vehicles.

The OBA’s L-5 e-auto is an initiative to cut down on carbon emission, thereby reducing pollution. Also, this e-vehicle is low on maintenance, which also makes it a cost-effective solution. The Model will be available in two different variants, i.e. L5 e-auto and L5 e-Loader. The L5 e-auto also comes with the best hydraulic shockers and extra-spacious built, which provides easy and comfortable accommodation to the passengers.

The L-5 e-auto has been manufactured with strict adherence to stringent quality standards and all the testing for it to be fit to be running on the road. With this initiative, OBA aims at contributing to the environment while also promoting the idea of Make in India. 80% of the manufacturing of the products and other components of the electric vehicles is done at OBA’s plant.

“We are driven to create a better tomorrow. We focus on providing technologically advanced e-vehicles which are safe for the environment. Being an Indian company, we strongly believe that Indian companies have the potential to become the world leader in electric vehicles.” said Vikas Deshwar, Director of Om Balajee Automobile India Pvt. Ltd.

OBA is known for its high-tech infrastructure and manufacturing unit. It is equipped with all the modern technologies that make this company have the potential for in-house manufacturing of all the components of e-vehicles, which eventually enhances the company's production capacity. Catering to the higher demand for electric vehicles in the market, OBA has invested in enhancing its technological prowess and training its workforce for an infallible manufacturing process.

The pandemic has badly hit the nation, and it has also impacted the health of individuals. The growing level of pollution is one of the reasons for poor immunity and other respiratory diseases. With e-vehicle, the company aims to provide an efficient way of lowering the pollution level while catering to the demand for powerful vehicles.

About Om Balajee Automobile India Pvt. Ltd.

Om Balajee Automobile India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading names in the industry. The company started its expansion plan in the year 2005, and in more than a decade, it has become a renowned name in the market of electric vehicles. They started this journey with manufacturing e-rickshaws soon after its product line was expanded by manufacturing e-auto, e-cycles and e-scooty. They have expertise in manufacturing electric vehicles. The company manufactures 80% of the components of electric vehicles in-house, and the unique factor of its electric vehicles is that it is highly energy-efficient and has minimal carbon emission. Its holistic approach and strategic planning have helped it become one of the best names in the business.

OBA is seamlessly assisting India in becoming a leading nation in adopting electric vehicles, setting precedence for other nations. They envision a future to make India a leading exporter of electric vehicles leading to a more sustainable future for the planet. With their cost-effective, easy-to-operate, and environmentally friendly e-rickshaws, OBA brings significant change to the current automobile industry. Zero emissions, low maintenance costs, low operating costs, a larger turning radius, and simple maintenance are just a few of the advantages of their electric rickshaw.

With their future-proof technologies and plans, the damage caused to the environment can be curbed, and the market could move towards a green change.