O2 concentrators hoarding case: Delhi Police arrest Khan Chacha owner Navneet Kalra

On Sunday, the Delhi Police arrested businessman Navneet Kalra over allegations of hoarding oxygen concentrators. Navneet Kalra, the owner of the famous restaurant chain Khan Chacha, was arrested days after 524 oxygen concentrators were recovered from his eateries. Kalra was arrested from Gurugram and was taken to Maidan Garhi police station. On the run, since 524 oxygen concentrators were recovered from his restaurants, Kalra was recently denied interim protection by a Delhi court. The businessman allegedly hoarded oxygen concentrators at three of his restaurants - Khan Chacha, Town Hall and Nege & Ju. He bought the concentrators from Matrix Cellular - a company that imported the medical equipment. Reportedly, the accused purchased the concentrators for Rs 14,000-15,000 and sold them off for Rs 70,000-75,000, the Delhi Police, however, is yet to confirm the same.

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