NYC Mayor slams Trump for 'doubting' election's validity

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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (File Photo)
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (File Photo)

New York [US], November 3 (ANI/Xinhua): New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday criticized US President Donald Trump for saying that the validity of the general election to be held on Tuesday could be "doubted".

"We're all very troubled seeing the president of the United States question, in advance, the validity of the election. We've never seen that before from a president. We've never seen a president encourage voter suppression and harassment in this kind of fashion," the mayor said in a short video via a tweet with the logo of NYC.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday evening, Trump said, "I think it's terrible that we can't know the results of an election the night of the election. ... We're going to go in the night of, as soon as that election's over, we're going in with our lawyers."

The mayor insisted that it is the Americans that decide who will run the country, saying in the video that "the American people are going to have the final say here. And, like New Yorkers -- over a million New Yorkers have voted early -- over 95 million Americans have voted early, which is amazing and inspiring".

The nine-day early voting concluded in New York on Sunday. The voters surged this year in this largest city of the United States, just like most other states of the country -- almost two-thirds of the estimated turnout of 150 million voters have cast their ballots in early voting nationwide. (ANI/Xinhua)