Nyay will jumpstart the Indian economy, says Rahul Gandhi

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Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has said that the party s minimum income guarantee scheme, Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY), will remonetise the Indian economy by fostering demand and manufacturing.

The NYAY scheme will remonetise the Indian economy. The way petrol is provided to an engine, the NYAY scheme will jumpstart the entire economy. With this, the poor will get money, demand will increase, manufacturing will increase and the youth will get employment, 48-year-old Gandhi said in an interview to Hindustan Times.

Earlier in April, Congress had released its election manifesto with Nyuntam Aay Yojana (NYAY) as its flagship scheme.

In the last few weeks, Gandhi has tried to allay doubts on how such a scheme would be funded. Gandhi has assured that the NYAY scheme, which pledges Rs 72,000 a year to the poor, will have no consequences on the taxes and that the middle class wouldn t bear the burden of funding this scheme.

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Accusing the BJP-led NDA government of destroying the purchasing power , the Congress chief said that his party s first task would be to jumpstart the economy .

Gandhi also questioned what the Narendra Modi government has done for the youth, farmers, the poor labourers in their tenure.

Demonetisation, GST and nationalism

Gandhi also said that Congress doesn’t indulge in vote-bank politics and said that the party is for everyone. Gandhi added that BJP s core election slogan on nationalism cannot give answers to serious issues such as corruption, unemployment and the agrarian crisis.

I don t agree. This is your view that these are vote banks. Congress is the party of all and it helps everyone. Demonetisation and GST hit small businessmen, and these were opposed by the Congress. When the farmers are in trouble, Congress is the first to come and stand by them. Wherever there is pain in India, it is the nature of Congress to resolve it. This is the thinking that is the vote bank of the Congress. For us, every Hindustani is the mirror of the Congress ideology, Gandhi said.