Nyad to attempt 48-hour swim in 'specially designed' NY pool for Sandy survivors

Washington, Oct 1 (ANI): 64-year-old endurance swimmer Diana Nyad is gearing up for another 48-hour swim from Oct 8 to 10 in a specially-designed pool in New York to raise money for Superstorm Sandy survivors through Nyad Swim for Relief via AmeriCares.

According to the People magazine, Nyad expressed that her mind and body would be absolutely ready for the next swim as she was not out all night partying or staying up.

Nyad said that she stayed away from food for a week, and was more dazed and physically exhausted than she thought she was going to be.

She said that because the next swim would have a pool, it would not have the wind action or the jellyfish and sharks, but still there were very few people on earth who have swam for even 24 hours, adding that she does not want to be a fool and not be able to make it through the swim and give up half way. (ANI)