NTPC awarded project management consultancy contract for developing 500 MW solar park in Mali

New Delhi [India], June 25 (ANI): The Republic of Mali has awarded the project management consultancy contract to NTPC for the development of 500 MW solar park in the African country, the Ministry of Power said on Wednesday.

In an event, chaired by RK Singh, Minister of State for Power and President of International Solar Alliance (ISA), and Sekou Kasse, Ambassador of Mali, handed over the project management consultancy award letter to Gurdeep Singh, CMD NTPC, for the development of 500 MW Solar Park in Mali.

"The Republic of Mali has been taking various initiatives towards energy security of the country, especially to increase access to electricity for its citizens, with a focus on solar power and applications. Development of solar projects in Mali will make a considerable impact in the socio-economic growth of Mali," read a press release from the power ministry.

In 2019, ISA endorsed NTPC as a project management consultant through a competitive process for the member countries to avail the services of NTPC.

The ISA is an international and inter-governmental organisation, based in India, formulated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and then French president Francois Hollande during COP21 held in Paris in 2015.

ISA's vision is for a large-scale solar revolution, which aims at creating a facilitative international ecosystem that enables access to science and economic resources, reduces the cost of technology and capital, facilitates price reduction and enables the development of storage technology and innovation.

Earlier, the Republic of Togo engaged NTPC for similar PMC support for the development of 285 MW solar park in the country.

"NTPC plans to anchor 10,000 MW of solar parks in ISA member countries in the next two years. Solar parks are being showcased as a best practice from India, which started solar parks as a novel concept and has commissioned a number of projects, thus bringing down the cost of solar energy substantially, bringing in investment, creating employment and benefitting the environment in the process," the power ministry further said. (ANI)