Now, Uttarakhand CM claims US 'enslaved India' for 200 years

Shalini Ojha
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Now, Uttarakhand CM claims US
Now, Uttarakhand CM claims US

22 Mar 2021: Now, Uttarakhand CM claims US 'enslaved India' for 200 years

The new Chief Minister of Uttarakhand, Tirath Singh Rawat, is at it again. After making it to headlines for his "ripped jeans" comment and getting schooled, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader has now said that the United States ruled India for 200 years.

In a viral clip, Rawat can be seen saying that America, that enslaved India, is struggling to stem coronavirus spread.

What he said: While praising PM, Rawat claimed US (not Britain) ruled India

Rawat, who was addressing a public gathering, showered rich praises on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for how he handled the coronavirus pandemic.

He then drew comparisons with the US, the worst-affected nation. The CM said that the "sun never set on the American empire."

Had he paid attention during history lessons, Rawat would have known it were the Britishers who ruled the world for decades.

Fact: He also declared that over 50 lakh died in Italy

"America, who ruled us for 200 years and ruled the world, is struggling during a pandemic. Over 3.75 lakh people died in the USA. Italy, which has the best medical facilities, lost over 50 lakh lives and is heading for another lockdown," he said.

Fact: You can watch the clip here

Reactions: When did US rule India, asked Samajwadi Party leader

His comments, naturally, drew sharp reactions from Opposition parties.

"Just another BJP leader reminding us about the value of quality education, (sic)" tweeted the Congress.

Juhie Singh, from the Samajwadi Party (SP), asked when did the US enslave India.

The gaffe about the US ruling India and another statement ensured that "Uttarakhand CM" remained a top trend on Twitter on Monday morning.

Statement: He revealed how poorer families could get more ration

Rawat also asserted that poor families should have had 20 children to reap the benefits of central schemes after the COVID-19 outbreak.

"Every household was given five kg rations. If 10 (people in a home) got 50 kg, then 20 got a quintal (100 kg). But some were jealous that two people got 10 kg and 20 got a quintal," he said.

Fact: Why did you only have two kids, not 20?: Rawat

Ripped jeans: Last week, he had apologized for 'ripped jeans' remark

Not long ago, Rawat received brickbats for asking what values would women wearing ripped jeans impart.

Thereafter, actors, politicians, and netizens posted pictures in ripped jeans to school Rawat.

On Friday, he apologized for his comments but stuck to his disdain for ripped jeans. He said there's nothing wrong with wearing jeans, but it was the ripped ones that he disapproved of.