Now a Unique Identification Number for Cows Too: Centre to SC

(Picture Courtesy: Reuters)

The central government on Monday recommended allocation of unique identification number for cows.

It submitted a report to the Supreme Court on cow protection and smuggling of cattle across the India-Bangladesh border. The report was put together by a Committee headed by the Joint Secretary and Home Ministry. It suggests recommendations that include allocation of a ‘Unique Identification Number’ for cows.

ReportEach cow and its progeny across India should get a Unique Identification Number for tracking.

The report further states that:

ReportResponsibility of safety and care of abandoned animals is mainly of the State government.

Other stipulations include shelter homes with capacity of at least for 500 abandoned animals in every district. It also suggests special care for cattle beyond the age of milking, as well as launching a scheme for distressed farmers.

One of the main aims of the suggestions is to end smuggling of cows across the Indo-Bangladesh border.

Speaking to CNN-News18, Gau Rakshak Dal President Pawan Pandit said:

The slaughter of cows is wrong and we need to find a solution to end it.

The bench will take a stand on the suggestions on Tuesday, reported

PIL Against Cow Smuggling further pointed out that the Court was hearing a plea filed by Akhil Bharat Krishi Goseva Sangh. The plea was filed against the alleged smuggling of live cattle across the border.

The PILThe smuggling of cattle across the border of Bangladesh has led to overall disruption of ecosystem and if the cattle wealth of country is depleted, then it shall also have adverse impact on nutrition of populis including children in India.

Mapping Cattle Across India

Earlier in January this year, the government put to work about 1 lakh technicians whose job was to affix a tag with a 12-digit unique identification number inside the ears of the 88 million cows and buffaloes in India. The task has to be achieved this year, reported The Economic Times.

The tag would allow technicians to use a tablet to maintain an online database of Unique Identification numbers for cows. An ‘animal health card’ bearing the UID number, details of the cattle owner and the status of the animal’s health, would be given to the owner.

Another media report by The Times of India in 2015 stated that select cows and Maharashtra were given similar yellow tags. These tags also gave details of the animals’ physical statistics.

The report points out that about 5 lakh animals had been tagged in the state at the time it was filed. The Centre started the UID scheme for cattle was started before Aadhaar cards came into existence in 2009.

(With inputs from The Times of India, The Economic Times and ANI.)