Now Stay Healthy and Get Rewarded for It

Ask people what is the one thing they value the most and a lot of them will reply ‘health’. Our definitions of health may vary, our motivations to stay healthy may be different, but we all value good health and rightly so.

Only when you are healthy can you lead a fulfilling life. You can run a few extra marathons, win some more awards and achieve newer milestones. Now what if we tell you that you will be rewarded for staying active and healthy which will in turn further motivate you to live a better life. Yes, you heard that right and that’s exactly what Aditya Birla Health does. But before we tell you more, watch this video that has different people talking about what ‘health’ means to them.

We buy health insurance to protect our finances in the event of a medical emergency. However, Aditya Birla Health doesn’t stop there. It goes a step further and rewards you for staying fit by offering you up to 30 percent back on your insurance premium as health returns. You can in turn use these health returns to buy medicines, pay your next policy premium or in fact, towards anything else that keeps you healthy. Simply put, Aditya Birla Health rewards you for staying fit, thus motivating you to continue to stay active and healthy.

In many ways, the company is with you in sickness and in health. It not only acts as a safety net in case something goes wrong with your health, but also as a motivational factor for you to take your health seriously.

The video rightly says, ‘Sehat hai toh zindagi behad hai’ and Aditya Birla Health is committed to helping you lead a healthier life and in turn, more fulfilling life.