Now, Rajasthan introduces patrol units to prevent harassment, eve teasing

After Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan launches mobile patrolling units to prevent molestation, harassment or eve teasing against women.

After Uttar Pradesh's anti-romeo squads, another BJP ruled state, Rajasthan, has launched mobile patrolling units to prevent molestation, harassment or eve teasing against women in the state. 26 women patrolling units, each comprising of two female constables, were flagged off from the Jaipur Commissionerate on Monday, for deployment in sensitive areas where instances of eve teasing, harassment have occurred in the past.

"52 girls are there in these first efforts of ours whom we have trained who will be operating in 26 teams. Will operate in morning and evening. After talking to the DCPs, we people have identified those areas which are generally crowded and from where there is a possibility of complaints of eve teasing coming. Full command and control of these people will be from Abhay, our command and control centre... Additional DCP, Kamal Shekhawat, will be the overall incharge of this unit. These people will be deployed randomly as per requirement. These people have been given wireless sets which are connected with our PCR vans. If they feel there is any problem, then the local police and the PCR will also reach there and whatever legal action has to be taken, that legal action will be taken at that time against those people who are taking law in their hands. These kind of schools, malls, parks from where such kind of complaints come, these people will be deployed there," said Sanjay Agarwal, Police Commissioner, Jaipur.

A total of 52 female police constables, in groups of two, will now operate from 6 am to 10 pm and will ensure no cases of eve teasing, of harassment occur under their watch. The patrolling units will operate in two shifts.

"One thinking of ours was that any female will be little less hesitant in telling about her ordeal or pain to another female police personnel. That is why, we people have got these people deployed there. This is a new experiment for Jaipur that is beginning from today and as it progresses, we will try to improve it further. Its total command and control will be from Abhay command centre. Their deployment will be from the Commissionerate," Agarwal said.

The team shall be headed by an Additional DCP rank officer.

One look at these patrolling units gives a glimpse of what they possibly can do in case they are faced with eve teasers or have to give protection to women. They have been provided 110 CC scooties for easy mobility. Each of these female constables have a light-weight police baton that is easy to carry.

The vehicle is also equipped with wireless sets, sirens as well so as to ensure they can alert people and other police personnel, if need be.

"This is a lady patrolling unit. Nothing more than that. It is a lady patrolling unit. If it sees something, it will call Chetak on phone or wireless, will call local people and the action that has to be taken even otherwise, will take that action," the Police Commissioner said when asked how it will ensure innocent men are not rounded up and there is no moral policing.