You can now put up your pooch in this exclusive dog hotel in Gurgaon

If you need someone to take good care of your pet for a couple of days or just want them to experience a wonderful and luxurious stay, then we might just have the answer for you. Critterati in Gurgaon claims to be redefining the pet culture and by the looks of it, they are! Critterati also offers a range of services and memberships so that your floofball could have the time of its life.

Critterati, started by Deepak and Jaanwi Chawla, offers boarding services, day-care services, pet boutique, spa services that could relax and calm your pooches, pet clinic, a play area, lounge and transportation. They are also associated with a lot of NGOs and help in adoptions. Critterati's services don't just end there; they offer birthday parties, pet training and photoshoots for pets. Humans can also socialise and meet other pooches and their humans at the pet cafe.

They also have multiple annual membership schemes, based on the size of the dog. For a small dog, they charge Rs 23,999, they charge Rs 28,999 for a medium dog, Rs 33,999 for a large dog and Rs 38,999 for a very large dog. Their day care services are based on the duration. Critterati charges Rs 199 one hour for 1- 3 days, Rs 599 for four hours upto three days and Rs 999 for 8 hours upto 3 days.

They also offer a range of bed to choose from for their overnight accommodation.

Deepak and Jaanwi Chawla started this hotel three months ago. They mention on the website that the idea was conceptualised by Jaanwi , who just wanted to "create an epitome of unquestionable affection" for the awesome pets.

As of now, the couple already has about 1000 members signing up for their services. They want to expand their venture to include cats.