Now, MP Vows to Reform ‘Romeos’, Bring Bill to Hang Rapists

Track record of past six months of the Yogi government do not kindle hope among people, writes Sudhir Panwar.

After Uttar Pradesh, it is now the turn of the Madhya Pradesh government to crackdown on Romeos, with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan promising to reform majnus and bring about a legislation to hang those raping minors.

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While addressing the 89th Passing Out Parade at MP Police Academy in Bhopal on 31 March, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh said:

We will reform ‘majnu-type’ of persons. They don’t know how to respect... They are not good for the civilised society... A campaign will be launched against ‘majnus’.

He also said that an amendment to the criminal law providing death penalty for raping a minor would be introduced in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly soon.

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A bill providing death sentence for rape of minors would be presented in the coming monsoon session (of Assembly). Once it is passed it would be forwarded to the President for assent.

Shivraj Singh also said that police should keep a vigil near places like girls hostel to ensure that women don't face any difficulty.

"Police should create such an atmosphere so that women are able to move around independently without any fear. It should take stern measures against criminal elements," he added.

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