Now, match your iPhone case with the dress you wear

London, Dec 22 (ANI): The days of matching your nails to your lipstick have become a thing of the past - now, it's all about matching your smartphone case to your outfit.

The picture-sharing social media boom via sites like Twitter and Instagram means demand is soaring for smartphone covers which look good in a picture taken in a mirror, the Daily Mail reported.

The smartphone is no longer just a medium for picture sharing, but an aesthetic object in itself.

Leading the way in accommodating your new needs are Australian brands Black Milk and The Dairy, the former makes the clothes, the latter, the phone cases.

While Black Milk make creative, pattern printed lycra clothes - perfect for cloning onto phone cases, The Dairy prints the patterns onto phone cases.

They're constantly growing and updating the designs available so that you can find the perfect case to express who you are, match your outfit or even to suit your mood.

The Dairy's goal is that "you'll love your new phone case so much, you'll proudly put your phone face down to show it off. After all - how much better would the world be if we all put our phones face down more often?"

You might get a few admirers noticing on the bus, but the way to really show off your mastermind matching is with an artsy self-portrait, preferably with a vintage filter on, posted on a social media site.

Checking into hot places or tweeting pictures of gourmet meals and holidays while everyone is stuck in the office has become de rigeur for busy twenty and thirty somethings and matching your smartphone case to your clothes is just the next step on the one-upmanship that social media inspires.

From jolly looking polar bears to Santa riding on his sleigh, retailer InspireMyCase has launched a range of iPhone cases plastered with scenes inspired by Christmas jumpers "to enable people to add a little bit of personality, fun or style to their cases." (ANI)