You Can Now Take a Dump in a Gold Toilet Made of Diamonds and Worth More Than 9 Crores

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A Hong Kong jeweler actually took his obsession with gold and diamonds to another level with a toilet made from gold and diamond studded seat.

This piece of art costs 12 million yuan or $1.3 million, reported The Indian Express.

Take a look at this flamboyant piece of work:

Hong Kong jewellery firm Aaron Shum’s brand Coronet is behind the production of this sumptuous toilet. The special toilet was unveiled at the second edition of China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai. Moving beyond the golden toilet, which is not that uncommon, this toilet’s seat needs your attention. The seat is made of bullet-proof glass that encases 40,815 small diamonds.

The owner has no intention of selling this toilet. The Hong Kong Jeweler told MailOnline, “We would like to build a diamond art museum so that more people can enjoy it”.

Coronet produced this toilet in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for “The Most Diamonds set in a Toilet”.

Previously, the company holds records for crafting the most number of diamonds on a sunglass, watch, mobile case and a handbag that looked like a Coca-Cola bottle, reported The Indian Express.

Apart from this lavish art piece, a 18K white gold guitar was on display that managed to get the attention as well. The guitar was made out of 18k white gold and had 400-carat diamonds on it.