Now, Dilip Ghosh Calls Anti-CAA Intellectuals 'Parasites Who Don't Know About Their Parents'

Kolkata: After kicking up a row with his "shoot like dogs" remark, West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh described intellectuals, who took to the streets to protest against the new Citizenship law, as "creatures", "devils" and "parasites" on Friday.

In keeping with his penchant for abusive attacks on opponents, Ghosh said, "Some creatures called intellectuals have come out on the streets of Kolkata. These parasitic intellectuals, who live and enjoy out of other's pockets, where were they when our predecessors were tortured in Bangladesh?

"These devils live on our food, and oppose us," said Ghosh, referring to a protest march taken out by theatre personalities through the streets of Kolkata.

Stooping further low, he commented that those opposing the Citizenship (Amendment) Act were doing so as "they did not know who their parents are".

"That's the reason they say they can't show the birth certificate of their parents," he said.

Theatre personality Dulal Mukherjee expressed his dismay over Ghosh's remark.

"We are shocked that a Bengali can talk like thus standing in Bengal. Bengal has always fought and won, and shown how battles have to be fought," he said.

Earlier, Ghosh had faced flak from various quarters, even his own partymen, for saying that anti-CAA protesters "were shot like dogs" in BJP-ruled states. He later said he stood by his comment and said he is not bothered about the criticism.