Now CBFC Defies Court Order to Deny Certificate to Malayalam Film

After refusing to certify Lipstick Under My Burkha for being “lady-oriented”, CBFC has now defied a court order to stop the release of Malayalam film Ka Bodyscapes for its sympathetic depiction of homosexuality. Directed by Jayan Cherian, the film has been unanimously denied certification for “glorifying” homosexual relationships, “vulgarity”, depicting Hinduism in a “derogatory” fashion and for depicting a “female Muslim character masturbating”. And this in defiance of a Kerala High Court order.

Cherian took to social media to share the official letter from the CBFC:

A poster of Ka Bodyscapes.

The film, which revolves around a gay artist fighting censorship against his works, has been denied certification by the Second Revising Committee. According to a report by Indian Express, Cherian says this is in defiance of a Kerala High Court order.

Jayan Cherian, FilmmakerThe film was first submitted to the CBFC in Thiruvanthapuram in April last year, but they refused to certify it, as did the Revising Committee in Chennai. I then approached the High Court, where the judge asked the CBFC to certify the film in 30 days. However, the CBFC chose to ignore the judgment and filed an appeal, stating that the case should have been addressed by a bench with more than one judge. In December 2016, the two-judge bench dismissed that appeal and asked them to certify the film in 90 days. But that too was overlooked by the CBFC. The Second Revising Committee, headed by CBFC chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani, again refused the film a certification.

Well done, Pahlaj Nihalani.

(Source: Indian Express)