Now Canadian Man ‘Stung by Scorpion’ on United Airlines Flight

Seems like United Airlines is headed for more trouble. The airlines grabbed headlines once again on Friday after a scorpion fell from an overhead locker on one of its passengers. The scorpion fell on a Canadian passenger, Richard Bell, and stung him.

Talking about the untoward incident, Bell, who was travelling from Houston to Calgary on Sunday, said "I grabbed it, hanging on its tail. I think that's what saved me”, according to a report published in The Telegraph.

Bell and his wife mistook the scorpion for a little lobster, but it was a Mexican co-passenger who told them it was in fact a scorpion who could be dangerous.

The Telegraph quoted him as saying:

I dropped it on my plate, then I went to pick it up again and that’s when it stung me. It “felt like a wasp sting”.

After having realised it, Bell threw it on the floor of the aircraft and the Mexican man stamped it with his foot. The crew later threw it in the toilet, reported The Telegraph.

United Airlines spokesman Charles Hobart told CNBC that soon after landing in Calgary, paramedics attended to Mr Bell and claimed that he “showed no sign of distress”. He also said that the passenger received no serious injury.

On being contacted by media, United Airlines said it was looking into the matter.

Earlier this week, shocking video clips emerged of a male passenger being dragged from a United Airlines flight at Chicago’s O'Hare International Airport by three security personnel, sparking massive outrage against the airline.

The situation became so serious that the airline had to compensate all the people on the flight after a detailed apology from the CEO Oscar Munoz.

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(With inputs from The Telegraph.)