Now, 3D scans will ensure your shoe fits to perfection

London, May 18 (ANI): Very soon your shoes will fit your feet to perfection, thanks to a new 3D scanning technology.

Volumental, a Swedish firm based in Stockholm, has developed software, that uses depth cameras to provide a life-like image of the foot, which can be used to make shoes either to fit exactly or find ones which are more suitable, the Guardian reported.

Co-founder Caroline Walerud said their vision to bring the concept of "size me," where people would be offered products that fit their body shape.

The technology emerged from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm where researchers were working on trying to make robots "see" by using cameras for gaming consoles in 2012.

The software uses depth cameras such as Microsoft's Kinect or Intel's RealSense, which are connected to computers and then moved around the foot in order to build the 3D image.

Walerud said it used both intelligence from the sensor and previous intelligence they had gathered about feet in the background.

Though without depth cameras becoming standard in mobile phones and laptops, the software appears ahead of its time, but Walerud estimates that the cameras would become typical in mobile phones by 2017.

The company has received five million dollars in funding so far, and they intend to make a profit through the software by licensing it out. (ANI)