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Consumers now have a choice when shopping for country-of-origin products that reflect their ethical choices

New York, Aug. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- www.NotMadeInChina.Directory

As China continues to wage an all-out attack on Western values, consumers are increasingly despairing at the realization that so much of what they buy is made in China. China is a manufacturing powerhouse and effectively the world’s factory for much of what we buy and consume daily. Clothes, electronics, appliances, and home goods are the types of products we all purchase every day – often without realizing where they are made.

Increasingly, consumers are looking for an alternative to Chinese-made products as a way of showing their support for local businesses and the democratic values that underlie how we live and work in North America. The challenge has been how to find these companies amidst the hundreds of thousands of products available at Wal-Mart, Target, and other retailers nationwide.

www.NotMadeInChina.Directory is a Website directory listing products across a broad range of categories covering the items that consumers buy and use every day. Manufacturers provide detail around where their products are made and what, if any, percentage of the product contains Chinese content. “By letting customers browse for products with the full knowledge of where they are made allows consumers to make more informed choices around the countries they want to support with their purchases. We are operating on trust knowing that the power of our community will ensure that manufacturers are highly motivated to ensure proper disclosure around product content,” says Michael.

NotMadeInChina.Directory founder, Michael Paul, saw a need for an easier way to identify where products are made. “I realized that so much of what we are buying comes from China – a country that many of us are troubled by in terms of its bad record on human rights, intellectual property theft, and the like.” NotMadeInChina.Directory came to Michael as an idea for an easy and powerful solution for consumers looking to more thoroughly understand what they are buying and where it comes from.

Local businesses North America-wide are the backbone of our economy and employment. The NotMadeInChina.Directory allows consumers to support these local businesses while also sending a message to China that its practices are not acceptable. China’s economic power comes from its exports. Reductions in exports hurt the Chinese Communist Party because they lose vital foreign exchange to finance their global activities to undermine democratic values.

Companies throughout North America and the globe are now able to register and post their product listings on the NotMadeInChina.Directory website’s database. This is a world-wide service.

This is a free listing service and will always be free to businesses and consumers. The NotMadeInChina.Directory is live to manufacturers who are signing up and posting their products now.

“This is a tangible way for consumers to vote with their wallets,” says Michael. “It’s a small yet important effort that we can all get behind.”

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