Notices to lapse if House proceedings adjourned due todisruptions: Naidu

New Delhi, Nov 22 (PTI) Rajya Sabha Chairman M VenkaiahNaidu on Friday said that notices given by MPs for raisingissues of public importance during Zero Hour will lapse if theproceedings of the House in the morning session are adjourneddue to disruptions.

Usually, notices are carried over to the next day in caseof adjournment of proceedings of the House during Zero Hour,which is scheduled every day from 1100 hrs to 1200 hrs.

However, Naidu said some notices can be allowed the nextday after taking special permission.

'Some people have developed a habit of disturbing theHouse in making their point of view and insisting it beyond apoint and thereby stalling the House for a variety of reasons.

Then the Chairman adjourns the House because I don't want uglyscenes to be seen by the people,' he said.

'Members think that automatically if they (notices) arenot taken up today, they will be taken up tomorrow. Hereafter,except by taking special permission, they will not be repeatedagain,' he ruled.

The Chairman also directed that no placards, newspaperarticles, air purifiers or masks should be displayed in theHouse.

'Nothing should be displayed in the House,' he said, andwarned of action against it.

Naidu objected to letters written to him being leaked inthe media even before he receives it and said the Chair wouldnot come under such pressure tactics.

He warned against running commentary by MPs and defyingthe Chair, saying he will 'name' such members.

Naidu said it is the Chairman's prerogative to allow ordisallow discussions under a particular rule.

Observing hat Rajya Sabha is currently holding its 250thsession, the Chairman said members should cooperate in runningproceedings of the House in a smooth manner.

Earlier during the Zero Hour mention, Partap Singh Bajwa(Congress) raised the issue of scam in the banking sector. Heasked the Centre to give an assurance in the House thatdepositors' money is safe.

Bajwa said there is a fear among people that their moneyis not safe in banks.

BJP members Ram Kumar Verma and Kirori Lal Meena demandedthat the Centre should intervene in the issue of deaths ofmigratory birds in Sambhar lake in Rajasthan. Meena said thereshould be a proper enquiry into this issue.

Amar Patnaik of the BJD demanded that the Centre shouldimmediately release funds to Odisa for developing 'pucca'homes in the state which is prone to cyclones.

MDMK MP Vaiko demanded that announcements in airlines,especially when operating in a particular state, should alsobe made in regional language.

Naidu said it was a genuine demand which the CivilAviation Ministry should consider.

Rajmani Patel of the Congress raised the issue of allegedviolation of environment and labour laws by cementmanufacturers in Madhya Pradesh and demanded a governmentinquiry into their conduct.

Ahamed Hassan (TMC) wanted Air India to start flights toEurope from Kolkatta, saying lack of connectivity was harmingbusiness and tourism in eastern states.

Viplove Thakur (Cong) wanted the government to makeprovisions for workers engaged in manual work of peelingcashew and coconut. PTI MJH ANZDV DV