Nothing Wrong in Hindu Rashtra: Yogi Says in First Interview

A roundup of the top headlines of the day.

“If that rashtra (nation), or raasta (path), helps improve people’s way of life, then we should not hesitate in adopting it” Yogi Adityanath said during his first televised interview to Doordarshan as Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister on Wednesday.

Citing a Supreme Court order, he said that Hindutva was a way of life to justify that there was nothing wrong with India becoming a “Hindu Rashtra”.

He also said that politics is meant for yogis and not bhogis (for those who abnegate and not for those who consume), adding that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was a sanyasi.

Narendra Modi is the first PM, who people trust even more after three years of his rule. His sacrifices for the country are immense.

Defending the name ‘Anti-Romeo’ for his squad dedicated to protect women, Adityanath said:

Romeo didn’t have a caste or creed. The thing about names is that it has to be a hit. For us, it is important that our daughters and mothers remain safe.  

Soon after becoming the Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath implemented a ban on illegal slaughterhouses, which has led to the shutdown of even a few legal slaughterhouses.

The ban on slaughterhouse will affect the meat export industry. Through the ban of buffalo meat, the state exchequer will suffer an annual loss of Rs 11,350 crore, according to one estimate.

If slaughterhouses are shut down, industries, including leather, poultry feed made out of crushed bones, and handicrafts made out of buffalo horns – will also suffer immensely, for thousands of people employed in these industries.

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