Nothing communal in this: BJP MLA on reprimanding vegetable vendor over Muslim identity

BJP MLA Brij Bhushan Sharan reacted over a controversial viral video, where he was seen harassing a vegetable vendor and asking him to not enter the area for identifying himself with a Hindu name being a Muslim."There is nothing communal, I don't have any regret, every other day we received reports through media that coronavirus is spreading out because of 'Jamaatis', Health Minister itself said so. So everyone is just taking precautionary measure," said Sharan while talking to ANI. "I reprimanded him because he was lying. He said his name was Rajkumar while his name is Rehmuddin. He wasn't wearing masks and gloves. We know 16 vegetable sellers in Kanpur and one in Lucknow tested COVID-19 positive," said the BJP MLA.