Notebandi Faceoff | Congress leads attack on Modi Sarkar; PM counters back with facts

It’s been four years since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetisation and yet the politics over this topic is not over. On demonetisation's fourth anniversary, the opposition has mounted an attack on NDA Government.

Congress’ Rahul Gandhi stated ‘How is it that Bangladesh is ahead of India in terms of the economy despite the country also being affected by COVID as the rest of the world? The reason is not COVID, its demonetisation’. Party leader Ajay Maken also claimed that Congress is observing this 4th anniversary of demonetisation as a 'betrayal anniversary'.

Countering the charge of leftists, BJP National SpokespersonGopal Agarwal addressed that ‘Congress has always been sceptical of whatever PM does, whereas they can praise Pakistan instead of supporting the efforts the Indian Government’.