Not Tanushree Dutta, First Ever Person To Start Metoo Was This Famous Celeb Against Anu Malik

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Well, after Alok Nath, Vikas Bahl and Nana Patekar, the name Sajid Khan doesn’t quite really surprise you, but the extent of his disgusted actions definitely shocked us all as did other’s. But, have we ever thought what started the whole MeToo movement, and it’s wasn’t the fearless confession of Tanushree Dutta:

It was in the 1990s, when ‘Made In India’ singer, Alisha Chinai, filed a sexual harassment case against popular music director Anu Malik. However, after pressing the charges, the singer went into hibernation, trying to deal with the trauma, effectively.

She stayed like a recluse for quite some time in her Alibaug palacesque home, for several years (she used to be called the First Lady of Jirad).

Talking about the case, and her #MeToo story, Alisha Chinai had given a statement. “Every case and incident of sexual offence is very different, and only the one who wears the shoe knows where it hurts,” Alisha said.

“When I sued (Anu) Malik, I fought it alone. It was an unprecedented landmark verdict and a restraining order was passed against him. The man has repeatedly begged for my forgiveness. I have chosen to forgive him and moved on,” stated Alisha.

As compensation for settlement between the two parties, Alisha had demanded a sum of Rs 26.60 lakhs. However, later on, Anu Malik filed a Rs 2 crore defamation case against her. Following the ugly turn of events, they’ve never worked together until Ishq Vishq.

However, another singer, Sona Mohapatra called Anu Malik a ‘serial predator’, which was quite conveniently dismissed by Any Malik, claiming he has never met her. In an Instagram post, she wrote, “To all the young girls & women who are coming out with their experiences with this creep, journalists, ‘fans’ & even kids from college, know that you are not alone. This guy, #KailashKher is a serial predator & has been for years as are many others like Anu Malik in the industry.”

Well, now that’s definitely not true! After all, she has got one name quite right in that note!

Seems like the list is never-ending of the predators that have sexually harassed and abused the ones with no power to cry out for help. Alas, this #MeToo movement was definitely in the fates of Bollywood industry. We’re at a point where none of the names nor stories surprise us anymore, however this particular one got us disgusted and shocked! But, are we ever going to come around to punishing these power abusers sooner than later.

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