Not a Match! 78-Year-Old Indonesian Man Married to 17-Year-Old Girl Has Divorced Her Within 22 Days of Marriage

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Matches are made in heaven, they say. But definitely not all of them and this one in Indonesia did seem odd from the start. A 78-year-old man got married to a 17-year-old girl last month. And barely within a month, the couple has gone separate ways. Within 22 days of their union, the couple has even got a divorce last week. As per local reports, the husband sent a divorce letter to his wife and the family is shocked because it happened so suddenly! Indonesian Man Catches Cheating Girlfriend, Announces Breakup With Her on Ad Billboard, View Pic!

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As per Harian Metro, Abah Sarna, 78 and Noni Navita, 17 were married last month and they attracted a lot of attention because of their vast age difference. And with Abah sending a divorce letter Noni's family is shocked as they found no problems in the relationship. "I was shocked because there was no ‘wind and storm’, it suddenly became like this," Iyan, sister of Noni was quoted to a report. Surprisingly, the family had no problem with the union despite the age difference but it was Abah's family who objected to this marriage. This marriage story reminds us of another incident from Indonesia where a man married both his girlfriends because he didn't want to hurt either of them.

Here's a Video of The Couple's Wedding:

There were certain allegations claiming the girl was pregnant before the marriage but it Noni's sister denied any of it to be true. During the wedding, Abah had sent a lot of stuff for Noni which grabbed all eyes. He had sent a motorcycle, a mattress, a closet. Reports also mention that the dowry amount from Noni's family was also a lot.

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