Not Just Maharashtra, Delhi Sees Consistent Covid Surge Recording Over 1,100 Cases in Last 4 Days

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Amid a huge surge in Covid-19 cases across several states in India, which experts have termed as a second wave, Delhi too is seeing a consistent rise in numbers of patients infected by the novel coronavirus, data provided by the Delhi government shows.

The last health bulletin from Friday shows that Delhi recorded 1,534 Covid-19 cases in 24 hours. The numbers for the three previous days also showed that cases stayed above 1,100. On Friday, Delhi recorded nine deaths. The government has also ramped up testing and 85,092 tests.

Thursday’s bulletin showed that Delhi had recorded 1,515 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours and five deaths. The number of tests conducted was at 89,836.

The number of Covid cases stayed above the thousand mark even on Wednesday when the national capital recorded 1,254 cases and six Covid related deaths, with 82,331 tests having been carried out.

Tuesday’s bulletin showed that 1,101 people in the city tested positive for the coronavirus, while four people died. Delhi had conducted 84,237 tests during this time period.

The week before, on March 15, Delhi had recorded only 368 cases, with cases shooting up each day. On March 17 Delhi recored 536 cases, 607 cases on March 18, 716 cases on March 19, 813 cases on March 20, 823 cases on March 21 and 888 cases on March 22.

Meanwhile Delhi health minister Satyendra Jain said on Saturday that a lockdown wasn’t a solutiuon. “As of now, no possibility of lockdown. First it was said that it’s 14-day cycle b/w infection & recovery. Experts said if all activities close for 21 days, it won’t spread. Lockdown was extended but it didn’t stop completely. So I don’t think lockdown is solution,” ANI quoted Jain as saying.