Not invited to KIFF inauguration : Dhankhar

Not invited to KIFF inauguration : Dhankhar Kolkata, Nov 8 (PTI) West Bengal Governor JagdeepDhankhar on Friday said that he has not been invited to theinauguration of Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF).

The inauguration of KIFF is scheduled to take place onFriday evening and would be attended by prominent filmpersonalities of the country.

'I am not concerned about not being invited to theKolkata International Film Festival, but with the attitude (ofthe state government),' he said and referred to the 'insult'at the Durga Puja carnival in October.

'You all have seen what happened in the carnival ...

It was unthinkable ... Someone said that I am looking forpublicity. I do not wish to respond to everything,' thegovernor, who has been at loggerheads with the Mamata Banerjeegovernment on various issues, said.

He said, 'There is no urge in me to attend thefunction. But there is urge in me to see that interest of thestate of West Bengal is not compromised.' Dhankhar had then said that he felt insulted at theDurga Puja Carnival and had claimed that he was 'completelyblacked out at the programme'.

Sources had said that the governor was unhappy overthe seating arrangements at the Carnival, which was arrangedby the government to showcase some of the big ticket pujas.

The governor was given a seat at a corner dias andcould not watch the programme properly, they said.

The ruling Trinamool Congress had hit back by accusingDhankar of being 'publicity hungry' and acting in a mannerthat does not 'befit a governor'. PTI SCH KKKK KK

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