Not dating Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck is getting back with estranged wife Jennifer Garner?

Ankita Mehta
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

A lot has been speculated about Ben Affleck's love life. Just two days ago, there were reports stating that Affleck is getting back together with former flame Jennifer Lopez and now the latest reports suggest that he is reuniting with estranged wife Jennifer Garner.

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According to, Affleck is getting back with estranged wife Garner, all thanks to close friend Matt Damon. "Ben Affleck, 44, is kind of thinking over everything in his life right now, whether it is being Batman, his marriage with Jennifer Garner, 44, or his other career goals," a source told

"The one thing that is constant with Ben, though, is Matt Damon, 46. He has leaned on Matt for so many things and they have talked about marriage and family constantly," the insider added.

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Affleck is thinking of getting back with Garner because of their children. "They just can't find it in their hearts to fully break up because it always comes back to their kids and their kids' feelings on the subject of divorce," the insider added.

The source further said that Matt will continue to support Affleck and his relationship with Garner. "It is a constant up and down that will only continue. But as long as Ben talks to Matt about it, Matt always gives the advice of staying together and Ben takes Matt's input to heart," the source said.

Earlier, RadarOnline reported that Affleck is reuniting with ex, Lopez. According to the report, the ex-couple met recently and it was as if they had never split up. "She was actually blushing when he kissed her in greeting. There's so much chemistry between them, all the other folks ... could have been invisible," RadarOnline quoted an insider as saying.

However, the report of Affleck and Lopez getting back together was debunked by Gossip Cop.

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