Not Breast Cancer Awareness, the Iconic Hollywood Sign Was Changed to ‘Hollyboob’ as an Act of Protest by MTV Reality Star Julia Rose

Ananya Swaroop
·2-min read

The iconic Hollywood sign often gets new alterations by people who climb up to the Hollywood hills in LA and vandalise it. Earlier, we had seen Hollywood change to 'Hollyweed' and now the sign once again got an interesting twist to it. MTV reality star Julia Rose decided to vandalise the sign in order to protest to Instagram purportedly suspending her account this year for nudity. She along with six other friends changed the iconic Hollywood sign only to later get arrested by the LA police. Hollywood-Style 'Trump' Sign That Emerged in California Taken Down Citing 'Traffic Hazard'.

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Julia and company had altered the ‘W’ and ‘D’ letters of the Hollywood sign and made it read ‘Hollyboob’. They threw a big tarp of the letter ‘B’, over the ‘W’ and added a white dash to make the ‘D’ appear as another ‘B’. The pranksters were caught on surveillance while climbing Mount Lee and were brought down by a police helicopter and park rangers. The group was arrested by the police officers and charged with misdeed trespassing. They were later released as they did not cause any permanent damage to the sign.

Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Division chief, Captain Steve Lurie took to Twitter and wrote, "A few hours ago, a group attempted to vandalize the Hollywood sign. Los Angeles landmarks are precious to those of us @LAPDHollywood and this was way uncool (not to mention the terrain is quite steep & dangerous). Hollywood patrol officers have arrested all six individuals." Julia also posted a video of herself being brought down by the police and a picture where she is giving away the middle finger.

She even tweeted after being back from jail saying, "Just got out of jail....wbu."

Talking about why she vandalised the iconic sign, Rose told Daily Mail, "This was to show them that I still have a voice. My business for ShagMag with almost one million followers also got disabled this year due to nudity, but I’m not doing anything more than what Playboy is doing so I think they’re discriminating against my accounts." 'Monoliths Disappear, Fake News Doesn't!' PIB Fact Check Highlights the Need to Tackle Spread of Wrong Information.

YouTube sensation Jack Tenney had also accompanied Rose on this adventure as he said he couldn't turn down the opportunity. The pair had been trying to pull the prank since six months but were only successful this time when instead of simply going uphill, they used a stroller with a fake baby to take the tarps to the top of the hill.