Not Aunty National: An unlikely traffic cop in Pune wows Twitter

Mumbai: An elderly woman in Pune was filmed scolding bikers driving on the footpath. She has earned the respect of people from across the nation as the clip went viral.

A Twitter user Roads of Mumbai (@RoadsOfMumbai) shared the video with the caption, “This aunty from Pune is an inspiration to many. Well done Ma'am. Shame on Bikers who ride on footpaths. It’s sad to see senior citizens have to do the job what traffic police are supposed to do in our country.”

In the video, an elderly woman can be seen scolding bikers driving on the footpath while giving them an earful. Responding to the post, Pune police wrote, “Noted, We will definitely work on it.”

As the post went viral, social media has been abuzz with reactions.

A user wrote, “Wonderful to see this lady doing what she is doing. We need many many more to teach discipline to our drivers.”

Another wrote, “Hats off to senior citizens of Pune for teaching the riders some civic sense.”

“Sadly in this country no one has basic civic sense. People think violating Law & Order is some kind of an achievement,” read one post.

A user remarked, “This pro­blem is everywhere. Either, hawkers or otherwise Bikers misuse the Footpaths.”

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