This Rajkot Vaccination Camp Has a Unique Strategy to Encourage People to Take Covid-19 Jab

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The second wave of the Corona pandemic is on the rise all over the country including Gujarat. To entice more and more people to get the Corona vaccine, both the state government and the common people are trying hard. In the midst of all these, the people of Rajkot have come up with a novel idea to entice the people.

If you are in Rajkot and getting a Corona jab, not only will you get protected from Corona but in return, you are also going to get an attractive gift. This attractive offer has been made by the Soni community of the area. The women who get Corona jabs are offered gold nose pins while men are getting hand blenders.

With the help of the Soni community of Rajkot, the Rajkot Municipal Corporation organized a free Corona vaccination camp on Friday (2 April) and Saturday (3 April). These camps were organized at Kishor Singhji Primary School, Kothariya Naka, Soni Market. On 751 people Friday and on 580 on Saturday got themselves jabbed at these camps.

On the other hand, in Mehasana also, those who get Corona jabs are being offered attractive gifts. If you carry your certificate after getting vaccinated to a car workshop in Mehsana, then you are not charged the labor charges on your car servicing and you get a discount of 10% on car accessories. This offer is to encourage more and more people to get themselves vaccinated.